5% of profits donated to treating youth mental health


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Why do we exist?

Born for runners, our premium technical apparel removes distractions, supports unrestricted movement and inspires running.

We believe in simplicity, which we achieve through the complexity of thought, design and an obsession with quality.

Every Purchase has a Purpose

Running can be a transforming experience, and we believe that regular exercise benefits our bodies and minds.


1 in 6 young people suffer from anxiety, and 74% of people say they have been severely stressed in the last year.


Mental health is important: that's why $2 from every pair of tights sold is donated to mental health charities such as headspace Australia.


This relationship has helped us create a platform for our customers to join us in improving the mental well being of young people.


It's not about how fast or how far. It's just about running.

“Winning isn’t about finishing in first place. It isn’t about beating the others. It is about overcoming yourself. Overcoming your body, your limitations, and your fears.”


Killian Jornet 6 x Champion of Skyrunner World Series.







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