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Gillian Goh

Bali, Indonesia | Fighter

Gillian Goh is on a mission to mental, physical and emotional freedom through health and wellness. The former Digital Marketing Executive from Singapore traded her 9-5 office life in to open Empire Fit Club Bali with her partner (former US Marine) Elberlino Tiwa.

We got a chance to talk to Gilli about her transition into the Bali life, what motivates her and the lessons she learned on the way.

Id imagine running your own gym can still get pretty stressful, what do you do to clear your mind and reset?

It certainly can get stressful if I don't maintain a proper mindset! I do get lost along the way sometimes, where I lose track of my progress. That's also why I run. Running helps me to clear my mind, and martial arts helps me develop an overall awareness of my capabilities - both in my mind & body.

What happens if you don't run?

I feel sluggish, lazy and uninspired. It translates to other aspects of my life, and I don't feel as productive in my work as well.

Where do you usually run in Bali?

I usually mix it up with two types of running. Short, sharp and fast sprint sessions at Empire to really work on my explosiveness and get my heart rate up.

The other would be the longer runs on the beach to clear my mind, enjoy the sand between my toes and the famous Bali sunset. With my intense schedule, those sessions really help me to unwind and reset.

Sir Richard Branson paid a visit to your gym, did he enjoy himself?

Sir Richard Branson is a legendary entrepreneur that I've mostly read or heard about in books and quotes. To be able to meet him and help his training sessions has been a rare lifetime opportunity.

Throughout his strength and running sessions, he always asked what he could be doing more, to make it more challenging for him. This is an attitude of wanting to become the best version of himself and always pushing himself further.

Gilli can be found at Empire Fit Club Bali:

Jl. Raya Kedampang 88A

Kerobokan, Bali 80361

1-week (8 Days, 7 Nights) training programme at Empire Fit Club Bali:

USD 1,000 for a private group retreat at Empire Fit Club Bali.

Feel free to give her a shout:



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