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Declan Carruthers

Perth, Australia | Pole Vaulter

Give us a short bio

I'm from Adelaide but moved to Perth to further my athletic career in pole vaulting.

Last year I reached a PB of 5.60m (number eight Australian all-time) and placed second at the nationals gaining selection for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Unfortunately, I had to pull out because of a hamstring injury, and am now aiming for the 2020 Olympics.

Why do you run?

I want to feel unconstrained when I run, without compromises.

I think about how running could affect my pole vaulting, I keep this in mind when it comes down to the last five minutes of my run. The better prepared I am, the better my jumping is and running is a big part of that.

"A good running session for me is one that feels almost euphoric when I finish."

— Declan Carruthers

What's your running schedule like?

I run 5-6 times per week around Perth but mainly across Scarborough beach. My focus is on using it to become better at pole vaulting, but it clears my mind too.

This summer will involve a lot of fast-paced training exercises. I'll do some sort of cardio work every day, whether it be agility work, speed work or endurance. But it's rarely endurance because pole vaulting is focusing on speed and power.

What's next?

Everything I'm doing now is about the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan!

Follow Declan on instagram: @declancarruthers

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