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Corey Walters

Adelaide, Austrailia | Tattooist

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Reflective Silver Tight Details

How would you describe what you do?

I've been tattooing since mid-2016, really enjoy animated / comic style tattoos (colour or black and grey). Also get into blackwork floral and sometimes dabble in a bit of realism.

Do you think you experience any relationship with your running and creativity?

Yeah, totally but I wouldn't say that when I'm running ideas just come to me, it's more like after I finish a run I look at everything with a fresh mind. A run to me is like a reset button.

I run on my own so it feels like I can get away from life and get my focus back. Especially with music, I go into like a different world and think about so many different things. Then when I get back, I feel like I have more clarity and creative inspiration.

What kind of music do you listen to on your runs?

Right now it's Gang of Youths, I saw them mid-November at Thebarton Theatre and they were unreal.

What is it like running in Adelaide?

Adelaide is great for running because there is such a mix of runs. Up in the hills, the trails can get pretty intense, but the rest of Adelaide is mostly flat. Down by the water you can get a good stretch of beach that will go for about 10-12 km.

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What are a few of your favourite Adelaide spots post-run?

It depends on the day, if I run on Sunday then Little Bang Brewing Company for post-run beers. Maybe a bit of contradiction there in terms of getting my creative inspiration back, then heading straight to a brewery... If it's a morning run then I'll grab a coffee at a place called Nagev, they do great coffee and heaps of great vegan food.

I know you don't race or care about running competitively, so why do you run?

I play basketball a few nights a week, so I suppose that's one of the main reasons I run. I don't really go for fast runs, it's literally just a reset button for me and that reset could be anything. Sometimes it's just to sweat out a big night; get a good start to the week. The morning runs set me up for a day inside tattooing.

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Corey can be found working at Ink Haus Tattoo Studio:
19 North Terrace
Hackney, Adelaide


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